What is Life Coaching?

And do you need a Life Coach?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as: “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential”. ICF, 2008

Life coaching is focused on what clients will like to achieve and the steps they are willing to take in order to achieve their objectives. Whilst there might be a recognition of how the past impacts current thought patterns, the focus is not on the past but towards the future. 

How is Life Coaching Different?

Many people ask me what exactly life coaching is and how is it different from counselling,  psychotherapy, mentoring, and consulting. Counselling gives people the opportunity to talk about their problems and feelings in a safe environment with a trained therapist. Psychotherapy , which is not limited to talking therapy, is also problem-focused. Both counselling and psychotherapy are also used as part of therapeutic intervention for mental health conditions.

video about Life Coaching


Life coaching on the other hand is specifically aimed at people who have the capacity, will and desire to achieve more in their lives. There is a recognition on the part of those seeking life coaching that if present circumstances are unsatisfactory, they have the choice to do something about it with the support of a coach. Various tools are used by the coach to enable people own their own goals as well as what they are prepared to do in order to achieve them. 

Mentoring is another form of help, it is a process in which wiser and more experienced people are trying to pass on their knowledge to younger people or apprentices who want to go further in their lives or careers. A life coaches do not not share their experience, give advice or offer solutions. They use their training to help their clients become aware of their situation and state and come to realisations about themselves and thus are able to embrace their own power and capability.

Consulting is a process where experts with specialist knowledge and skills come up with solutions to problems or challenges faced by their clients. Life coaches approach their clients from a different perspective. They see their clients as the only true experts when it comes to their own lives. Life coaches work with their clients aiming at helping them come up and implement their own solutions in their own problems and challenges.

My Services

What to Expect

Working with Inspired to Soar

Coaches use a variety of different techniques, methods, and processes to help their clients reach their goals. However, coaching sessions are not a quick fix but rather an investment of time, commitment, energy, and acceptance of responsibility towards your future, and what you do with it. Therefore the attitude of the client is extremely important in the course of work with the client.

I work with those who are seeking to make lasting changes in any area of their lives in the aftermath of traumatic events. These are those who want to move from mere survival to thriving in every way. Seeking to thrive after adverse life events is not a quick fix. Rather it requires openness, willingness to take risks, commitment, tenacity and accountability. The process is like a marathon not a sprint. Just like each runner makes the choice on how to run, each client has to be prepared to own their journey towards the fulfilment of their goals. The investment in life coaching is the first step in acknowledging that life can and should be lived better. This then has to be followed through by 100% commitment to taking action.

As a life coach I am committed to ensuring that the tools are tailored to each client’s circumstances in order to achieve the best outcomes possible. I will facilitate your self-awareness and give you the framework within which to resolve the dilemmas in your life. Various methods will be used to keep you motivated till your goals are attained.


The Framework

What is the Inspired To Soar framework?

The unique Inspired To Soar framework is called Navigating Your New Normal © (NYNN). We define “new normal” as: the change in perspective, outlook and day-to-day living that the trauma of any kind brings.

In the case of NYNN©, the focus is on: serious illness, injury or bereavement. NYNN© is a 7-step framework that is designed to be like a SatNav for your new normal journey.The framework will be tailored to each individual’s situation and desired results.The seminar which is based on the same NYNN© framework will give managers the tools to complement their existing policies in order to better support affected employees.

The Framework

NYNN is a 7-step framework that is designed to be like a satnav for your journey.

Session Outline

What a Coaching Session look like?

  • Prior to the Initial Session, a contract and new client questionnaire will be sent which must be completed in full and returned at least 2 days before. This will give me as a coach an introduction to you as a client and what approach will work best.
  • At the Initial session, which will last 2 hours, the contractual framework will be explained in detail. There will be then an exploration of which areas of your life you desire change for and what your goals are. Areas to be worked on can include: health, finances, relationships, career, self-belief and so on.
  • A realistic, time-bound action plan will then be created for you to implement offering structure and clarity.
  • The relevant parts of the NYNN framework will be used as required through the sessions. This will help you push through obstacles and negative thought patterns that hinder achievement.
  • Boosting your confidence and motivating you will also be ongoing all the way through.


Apart from the Initial Session, subsequent individual coaching sessions will last one hour each and will take place via Skype. This will give you the flexibility as a client to be in an environment of your own choosing as well as remove any need for travel.

The available time slots mean that you can fit it around your lifestyle and other commitments.

The time slots for Individual Sessions are:

10am till 1pm and 5pm till 8pm

The half-day management seminars will take place on your company site. Each seminar will last three and a half hours. The available time slots are: 9.30am to 1pm OR 1pm to 4.30pm




With the exception of the Initial Session, all coaching sessions will last approximately one hour taking place once every 2-3 weeks, or longer if required. Please note that there are NO face to face individual sessions due to travelling time and variations in distance.


Price packages will vary due to different individual requirements. Prices will, therefore, be agreed upon completion and return of the New Client Questionnaire.

Prices for management seminars will be discussed on a case-by-case basis subject to variables such as the number of participants, location, available facilities on site. If you will like to know more, send me an email at info@inspiredtosoar.co.uk with those details and I will give you a quote.


Sessions are available Monday to Friday between (and including) 10.00 am and 4.00 pm, after-work/evening sessions if required.

Next Step? Arrange an Introductory Session

For those keen to get started and find out more about life coaching prior to signing a contract, the free coaching sheets are available for you to assess your current situation and what your goals are. 

Once you decide that you want to go ahead with life coaching with me, you can then send me an email at info@inspiredtosoar.co.uk to request a New Client Questionnaire as outlined above.



Get in touch with me, send me a message and share details bout your situation and needs.